handmade in the usa!



I am full to the brim with creative energy.  My dream when I started this company in 2010 was simple: to inspire authenticity. My passion as a creator is to bring you jewelry that makes your everyday a special luxury.  At Catherine Page we strive to create jewelry that will help you reflect the shimmering truth of who you are.  We insist that each piece you wear causes your inside self and your outside self to match. 

We make each style in our studio by hand from highly curated semi precious stones that are handpicked for each piece.  The diversity of our studio artisans enables us to bridge the language and cultural barriers between our workshop and the global world of gemstones.  Our long standing relationships with each of our vendors instill a trust and surety about our stones and the purity of our metals.

Catherine Page jewelry is not about what we create but about the collective voices of your support and direction.  We are a community with purpose and the seeds of what we plant do not bloom without YOU!

I hope you find such welcome here that you stay, and that I could leave a trail of gratefulness behind me that you could see, glowing thanks.